This is my website where I present all my games. These include board games, fantasy roleplaying adventures and my PBEM game Mysticora (currently inactive).

My First Published Game: Babylon Towers Builders
Friday, 2017-02-24

Babylon Tower Builders is my first published game (published by Mücke Spiele).
It is available as of now at their web store.

Added New Game Dicess and a Story About Me
Saturday, 2016-09-24

I've added Dicess, an abstract strategy game with dice as pieces like in Chess!

I've also added a story about me in the "About Me" section.

I'm planning to add articles about designing games in the new "Articles" section.

Saturday, 2016-04-16

There is a boardgaming event week called Hexacon, happening in Braunfels, Germany (about 50km away from Frankfurt) from Monday May 2nd to Sunday May 8th.

There will be a lot people there playing lots of strategy games and wargames the whole week.

I will be there the entire week and bring some of my prototypes along, including Galactic Era, Puppetmaster Endgame and Power & Prestige.

If anybody would like to play any of these games there please contact me.

For more details (in german) on this event go to this link: