My name is Channing Jones. I was born in 1966 and live in Kleve, Germany.

Childhood Aspiration

As a kid I loved playing board games. Since we could not afford to buy as many as I wanted I started hand-copying games and then creating my own ideas. It then became my greatest wish to become a game developer when I grew up.

A Project too Large

After studying mathematics and computer science at university I started working as a freelance programmer. At the same time (1996) I also started a project called “Mysticora”, a fantasy strategy/RPG PBEM computer game. I spent many years developing it together with a group of friends. The game was so complex and enormous though that people struggled to play it. So I stopped development in 2003.

My lesson from that was, that I need to develop something I could finish more quickly and easily. This would allow me to learn more quickly from the feedback. So I decided to pick up developing board games again.

Great Awakening

In 2006, I then had what I now call my “great awakening”. I had a fleeting interest in UFOs and reincarnation beforehand, but I never understood the big picture. In early 2006 though after watching “Loose Change” and two weeks of intensive researching following that I finally understood. I had discovered the lies and coverup by the mass media and by the world in general on many subjects, including (but not limited to) 9/11, false flag operations, secret occult power structures, hidden history, free energy, paranormal phenomena, UFOs, spirituality, and the nature of consciousness.

Ever since then I has been researching these topics, sometimes hours per day. My plan with this blog was to publish my results and conclusions of my many years of research on these topics (including things from my old blog

Politically Active Years

This also led to several years of me joining the esoteric community and becoming very active politically. I participated in various protests and events for a better world and to bring the “truth” to people. For example, a “9/11 Truth” presentation at the European parliament in Brussels in 2008.

9/11 truth event at EU parliament in 2008

Me at 2008 9/11 truth event at EU Parliament

One of the most fascinating events I participated in was a UFO watching seminar by Steven Greer where I went to Mount Shasta, California and watched UFOs in the night sky as well as seeing a bright orb of light in the trees and experiencing many unusual synchronicities. I didn’t actually need to experience this to confirm by new found beliefs but it was nevertheless very nice to actually experience these unusual phenomena firsthand.

Me at 2008 Mt. Shasta UFO seminar by Dr. Greer

Alternative Living at the Farm

To get out of the rat race and live true to my ideals, I finally decided to join an alternative, organic community farm called Vlierhof in 2009, where I live to this day. The intention was to help build an example of a better way of living for the world. I like living here because it is a beautiful place with like-minded people and I enjoy more freedom than with a normal job. Still, it is not a perfect place and we also have our problems, they are just different.

Vlierhof 2009

Politically, I started doing less traveling now, but I still was active online, supporting the Ron Paul presidential campaigns of 2008 and 2012.

In 2011 I discovered Bitcoin and immediately realizing the possibilities I became very fascinated with it. I spent a lot of time in Bitcoin forums and invested what little money I had then into it.

Becoming a Game Author

After several years of developing board games (I now have about 15 prototypes) I am also now getting more involved in that space by participating in game author seminars and fairs. I have also taken up a part-time online job doing marketing for a game parts company. This is how I mostly earn my living nowadays.

In my self-published games, I also incorporate my knowledge and understanding of the world using these as a vehicle for people, who might be interested in such information. Creating great and enjoyable games is still my primary intention though in any case.

Me at Ratingen game fair 2015 explaining my prototype “Puppetmaster Endgame”

My first published game is Babylon Tower Builders. It is a 3-dimensional building game.


In 2019, I started a games company “Seajay Games” to self-publish my boardgame “Galactic Era“. The first crowdfunding attempt via Kickstarter in November 2019 was unsuccessful though.