Rising Nation is a social deduction and negotiation game for 3-6 players aged 8 and up about politics in a developing nation. The playing time is about 20 minutes.

Each player plays a political party in Nonymia, a fictional underdeveloped nation. There are four parameters of the country which are tracked using cubes (economy, environment, government and welfare). The more cubes there are of a parameter, the better it is doing in that aspect. Every party has a different idea of how the country should develop though. Should they not cooperate enough though the country may be ruined. A president must be elected who will hold the most power for a limited time. Promises are made which may be kept or broken. So players must choose wisely.


  • rulebook
  • 48 cubes in 4 colors (blue, green, red, yellow), i.e. 12 each
  • 10 agenda cards
  • 6 party cards
  • 4 parameter cards (economy, environment, government, welfare)
  • turn track
  • turn counter
  • 36 voting chits (6 of each party symbol)
  • 10 bonus markers (5x “+2”, 5x “+3”)
  • presidential seal
  • 3 crisis dice


The player who has the leading parameter (color) on his agenda card wins.